The Rotary Club has raised in the region of £500,000 for charity since it was formed in 1989 as well as helping with many local and international projects.

We hope to raise over £5,000 from this event. Our expenses are kept to a minimum as Rotarians and their partners give of their time freely and we are very lucky to have a number of suppliers and sponsors who either make no charge at all or just a nominal fee. Please see the Sponsors page for more details.

This year the Reading Charity Art Fair is being run in aid of The Royal Berks Charity.

The previous Art Fair helped the Royal Berkshire to buy an Ultrasound Scanner. The X-ray department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital needed to to raise £90,000 towards the cost of a new state of art Ultrasound machine and the Art Fair contributed to this.  What difference did the scanner make?

An additional machine will help reduce waiting times and allow patients to be seen more quickly. This will help to: 

• Increase the number of patients seen from 280,000 to 360,000 annually helping      reduce waiting times

• Give a clearer picture about the nature of lumps in breast and thyroid disease.

• Identify areas of abnormal blood flow allowing the assessment and management of rheumatoid arthritis

• Achieve greater accuracy in performing ultrasound guided procedures, e.g. biopsies in cancer patients

Having this technology will make a big difference to patients undergoing ultrasound examinations or procedures.

Other charities which we support

Previous art exhibitions supported the Royal Berkshire Hospital Faxitron appeal. Faxitron machines are used in the operating theatre to instantly test biopsy samples for cancer and enable surgeons to check whether the cancer has been successfully removed; thus reducing theatre time and stress on patients.

The Stroke Association

It is solely concerned with combating strokes in people of all ages. Across the UK they help stroke survivors and their families directly through their Life After Stroke Services. In addition they are leading funding into research into the prevention of strokes and campaigning to raise awareness about strokes.

Reading is covered by Berkshire West Primary Care Trust. Across this area there are an estimated 850 strokes per annum, resulting in 298 people sadly loosing their
lives as a direct result of their stroke. There are an estimated 7,407 people
stroke survivors living in Berkshire West, 2,370 of which have a moderate or severe
disability caused by their stroke.In addition to the support offered to stroke survivors and their families through their Stroke Information Service, specifically within the Reading area the charity offers a Family & Carer support service. 

The intention during the year is to provide physical support to the Association as well as funding. An example of this support is the Blood Pressure/ Stroke Awareness
events. An estimated 40% of strokes can be prevented just by people knowing
about and treating high blood pressure. The Stroke Association has been working
with Rotary for 8-years on this campaign, and are working hard to increase the
number of events held. Another area might be that volunteers are needed to help
run the support groups for families on a regular basis as well as helping with
transport and other needs as they arise.

We have also supported CIRDIC, Crossroads and the Wokingham Waterside Centre.


CIRDIC is a drop-in-centre, established in 1990 because a group of local Christians wanted to respond to the needs of the homeless and clearly disadvantaged people in Reading. Originally the aim was to provide a welcoming place in which to offer food and clothing. Now, in response to growing needs, the Centre offers a wide range of support services to the homeless. CIRDIC is now recognised as the only Centre in Reading that offers a truly open door and free service.  Who do they help?

  • Homeless
  • Rootless
  • Substance abusers and sufferers of addiction
  • Afflicted with mental health problems
  • Living in poor housing
  • Unemployed
  • In serious financial difficulty

Many bear the burden of several of these problems. Some have been using the service for years, others simply pass through. But whatever the circumstances CIRDIC strive to offer an environment in which each guest can experience him or herself as worthy of respect and genuine concern. Building relationships is slow and often invisible work, but the hope is that with appropriate support our guests may become ready and able to address some of their often overwhelming difficulties.

Reading Crossroads is committed to providing practical support in the home in order to enable carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities.

Charitable objective:- To relieve the stresses experienced by carers, and children and adults who have care needs as a result of disability, illness or age, by offering a respite service through the provision of community based support workers.

Mission Statement:- Crossroads promotes, offers, supports and delivers high quality services for carers and people with care needs

In Reading Crossroads currently provide over 700 hours of care per week, either by visiting carers in their own homes and staying with the person they care for while they go out, or by people attending one of the five social day care clubs that we run.

Wokingham Waterside Centre is a unique, riverside, water sport and conference venue set on a picturesque stretch of the river Thames in Berkshire.

They are a self-funding registered Charity situated in Wokingham Berkshire. The centre provides:  

  • Numerous water activities
  • Professional coaching
  • Special needs events
  • Prestigious conferencing facilities

The aims of the Centre are:

  • To provide accessible and well-presented canoe / kayak coaching and courses and prestigious conferencing facilities to all members of the community at affordable prices.
  • To enable everyone to experience the challenge and excitement of water sports in a safe and beautiful environment.

Water sports include canoeing, kayaking, katakanuing, bellboating, dragon boating and raft building. The centre also runs land based activities including orienteering and initiative games. They run everything from beginners taster sessions to BCU star courses and coaching courses. The centre also has a function room for conferences, meetings and parties.

Who else do we help?

Just some of the local people we are currently helping are Talking Newspapers for people with impaired vision and Liberty of Earley Residential home. On the International front we have recently helped an Orphanage in India and with a water project in Tanzania as well as supporting the Shelter Box Charity which provides emergency shelters in disaster zones such as Japan, Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal.

Recently we have also supported The Alzheimer's Society, The Shaw Trust, a national employment charity which helps disabled and disadvantaged people to find work and achieve independence. and Daisy's Dream which supports children and their families both facing and following bereavement.