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29 - 31 October 2021

Selling your Artwork online NOW CLOSED

Artists, if you've entered artwork in the Art Fair, you can now also sell it on-line if you wish. Just e-mail the Secretary with an attached JPEG image of each artwork item that you want to sell on-line. Please use the following naming format for the files: Your name and Artwork name. In the e-mail to the Secretary please also provide the artwork name, a very brief description including the medium, its dimensions and selling price. We will upload these details to the Art Fair wbsite and deal with prospective buyers and the payments. Once payment has been made, the artwork item will be marked as sold but we will request that it is still exhibited in the Art Fair until the end of the Sunday session when it will be available for collection by the purchaser. This is to ensure that your artwork has full visibility during the Art Fair. We will pay you in the normal way at the end of the exhibition.


Deadlines for submission of online sales items


We can accept entries for online sales until 5th September. There will be a second opportunity to provide images and information for online sale items between 1st and  24th October. Any entries submitted between 5th September and 1st October will be uploaded to the website in October.


You can view the gallery of artworks for online sale here. Items of art on sale are displayed in sets of nine thumbnail images. Potential purchasers can progress to the next page of nine by selecting the "Next" link at the bottom and when they click on a thumbnail it will bring up an expanded view in the correct proportion.